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Dealing With “Jungle Fever” in 2016 | MUST WATCH!!

I came across this video by Grace Salvánt on Facebook.  Within the first few minutes of watching, you will get caught in the emotional testimony of a black queen struggling with an irresistible attraction to a white man.  Read the back story below. #EraceTheHate
Dear “William”,
Just know it wasn’t personal. 

Back story: “Dear William” is a spoken word piece that I wrote back in November 2015 about a man that I encountered. I was completely enamored by him, and in the conversation we had for about 15 minutes, I learned a lot about him. What he does for a living, where he’s from, etc. 

In that short period of time, I also learned how much I struggled with allowing myself to feel strong feelings for someone outside my race, in particular, someone who was, or appeared to be, or identified as White. 

Like most Black women, I was conditioned to pledge allegiance to the Black man. That he already has enough on his plate so I should be his primary support system. That dating outside my race was a betrayal to my ancestors.  

Even when I understood that, that wasn’t necessarily accurate, I always thought about a Black partner as being the pinnacle. The head of my home. We would be the “strong Black unit.” Mufasa. My daddy.  The “Barack”, if you will. I craved it.  
The poem really just captures my excitement which was halted by my hesitance, trapped by my reluctance, wrapped up by, what I know now to be, a false sense of guilt. 
But that’s how it happened. If I was to see him, or any other person that didn’t happen to be Black, but shows a sincere interest, I won’t hesitate.
Grace Salvánt
How do you feel about interracial dating?
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