Alexander Star Drops Knowledge on Africa…LITERALLY

Alexander Star is a recording artist using music as a vehicle for positive change.  The South Florida based artist has been taking his message of love globally with enlightening anthems.  Star is also a social entrepreneur, serving as Chief Brand Ambassador of AFR Clothing.  The brand allocates 20% of its profits providing tuition scholarships for underprivileged children in Africa.  Taking a deeper look into his videos on youtube, Alexander Star incorporates real visuals from his journey as a philanthropist into his music videos.  His song “This is My Era” was supported by MCN and UNICEF, so there are powerful scenes from all over the world.  Star created the Amani Hope Foundation provides educational scholarships to children in Africa that do no have access.

“According to UNESCO, there are over 61 MILLION primary-aged children around the world who are not enrolled in school – about 50% of them residing in sub-Saharan Africa.” – Amani Institute Website

Not only is Alexander Star making a difference in the community, but he’s a full-time dedicated father who makes music to fill his son with light.  Here’s an example for you father’s out the who are in love with music and compelled to fatherhood at the same time.  Live a legacy of love.  Alexander Star is also a teaching artist working with one of Miami’s leading alternative education programs, The Motivational Edge.  In more ways than one, Alexander Star is producing music to ignite the power love in everyone.

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