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3W Collective releases Southville & Parrish

We first heard of this collective with their hit record “Adult Swim” moving through soundcloud.  The 3w Collective has recently released their anticipated EP entitled “Southville & Parrish”.  This project features Lyrica Jada and Caleb Kai.  Expect super cool vibes and an indie sound that will take you to another place.  The whole EP was a ride that gets better and better.  ENJOY!

“3W COLLECTIVE” signs as “Whatever We Want”

A music collective/brand growing in Miami, Florida. Sounds and artistry from 3W range from whatever we really want, in literal sentiment. The most outright member is founder, Caleb Kai. Lyrica Jada, singer-songwriter, is the second in command/first musical associating act. The ‘COLLECTIVE’ titling within the establishment associates any artists or persons that they bridge music and business with. A genre base, if any, could be PBR&B/R&B, but the Soundcloud of 3W will stream music of any particular interest.

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