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Alishia LaPorte Inspires Women With Her New Book

Alishia LaPorte Inspires Women With Her New Book and Empowerment Coaching

St. Louis native, Alishia has been inspiring women to believe they have the power to create the life they desire.  She started with an attempt to earn an extra $500 amonth to relieve her family’s financial pressure, and it’s led to a chain reaction that she never could’ve imagined! In less than 2 years, she went from registered nurse to entrepreneur, empowerment speaker, business coach/leader and published author.  At the height of her success, God revealed her true purpose…teaching women to overcome challenges and to walk in their alishialaporte_cover 1God given purpose. God called Alishia to live a life of transparency. She began that journey by sharing a traumaticexperience from her child
hood, one that set her on the wrong path and spiraling into a pit so dark and lonely that she couldn’t see a way out. Her story could have ended there, but instead God used her to show women what they are capable of when they use their experiences, their mind, their heart and their God given talents to craft something beautiful.

“We have to take control and understand that if we want something different we have to create it.

You have to decide to no longer accept this life that you have been living and know that you

have the power to create the life you desire,” said Alishia.


Through her coaching program and her new book, “Step Out the Pit into Your Purpose,” she is giving women the tools to chart their own course and make waves that will be felt all over the world for generations to come.  If you would like to connect with Alishia LaPorte or schedule a private coaching session please visit; or pick up your copy of “Step Out the Pit into Your Purpose,” also available on Click Online Store then Books.

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