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An Authentic Reflection #MondayMotivation

An Authentic Reflection #MondayMotivation #MusicMonday



Written While Listening to HELLO by Adele (Click to Read on Website #MusicMonday)

It’s me. Thank you for taking the time to read this. You could be doing anything right now, but you’re spending time in your day reading what I’ve written. I appreciate you doing that. Maybe you’re gaining something by reading this. Maybe you’re not. Either way, I appreciate the love.  I like to write an original blog every Monday but I’ve been on a blackout the past couple of weeks revolting with other dreamers. This is me sharing my passion with you. Feel free to do the same with me. I think it’s fun to share in the creation of a Dream Utopia. If that makes me weird, that’s cool. Can we be weird and dream together? Then we’d both be cool in an alternate reality.

Have you ever played with an hour glass in efforts to experience timeless love? I have. It was interesting. It hurt a little bit, but at-least I got a cool song out of it 

It’s my hope that by sharing my reflections that it will make it easier for others to understand that they aren’t crazy for wanting to live freely as their authentic selves without fear of ridicule. I believe that we are programmed in our DNA to pursue lives that radiate our innate energy, but have been conditioned to dim this desire. We are conditioned to check out of our happy spaces and check-in to the projected reality of the world where an authoritative figure has the answers. That reality, however, triggers my depression, which is probably why I’ve shared so many flights with so many people. Society looks and feels better from the treetops. It’s more natural.

If we allow our spirits to fly freely in open spaces we can encounter peace in new terrain. Life is so simple. I just think we’re taught to complicate it–just like love. We’re taught to think of it as this grandiose concept when in all actuality it’s as simple as yes, no and thank you in all of its languages. Sometimes love is simply not speaking, which can really confuse people, but silence is golden.

The journey of happiness travels in a constant loop from dreams to awakening. Our spirits venture through the realms of possibility and discover opportunities to capitalize on priceless moments.

Smiles come from gratitude, and gratitude comes from appreciating presents in all their forms. The future manifests itself through the building blocks we are gifted with day to day. We’re taught so often by our society to desire more as if what we have is never enough. How can someone ever be happy if they are always taught that they must chase success instead of simply being successful?


Thoughts radiate frequencies and these signals attract the attention of people who navigate on similar waves. Once you link with such people, it becomes easier to flow. Life becomes one big ocean of possibility. I choose to ride with the tide instead of going against the current. I refuse to drown in self-doubt and a sea of excuses when I can choose instead to freestyle from shore to shore. Freedom is a decision. And just like any decision, it comes with consequences, both good and bad. I choose to take the good with the bad. Because to me, a caged spirit is a waste of energy. Why tame what is meant to expand? Why clip your wings, when you have every reason to soar? Life is meant to be lived brightly and  in color. That is why light exposes us to all shades.
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