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An Extreme Case Of Inspiration


Sometimes it takes a good talk with dad watching the sun set in Bimini. It takes the wind crashing into my shirt while my arms are wide open like I’m waiting for God to carry me home. And I’m standing there with my dad just talking about entrepreneurship. I’m asking him how to start a lobster business because an angel in the form of a 40-something Bahamian man named Scrooge told me to do so. Or maybe I just thought he was an angel because he smoked me out and paid for my food and didn’t try to sleep with me. I don’t think I’m supposed to say that on this blog but I wanted to because it’s awesome.

And we’re looking out at the ocean just feeling so young. The both of us are embodied by the spirit of hope for the future, and by the optimism that he’s passed on to me. And bits of sun are breaking through the dark clouds like God is smiling through tomorrow’s storm. And the belief he has in me that I will be great some day is so powerful you can feel it on the moon. He’s excited for me, he says. I’m so grateful for that.

We stood at the water’s edge as I spread my arms wide and closed my eyes to let the grace of the moment take me away. I was soaked in motivation to be great and to shine like the ocean before us. And I could see the potential he sees in me and I am limitless. And the only thing that will stop me is the fear spinning in my mind. And I’m letting go as we run out of time to be young and fearless.

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