28 Jun 2015

Wait Till The “Fall”.

Marcellus Juvann aka “C3LLDOPE” is back with new music and a new sound, without introverting who he is. With his new upcoming project “The Fall” coming soon, he has soon released two new songs from the project. “How I Feel” and “Before The Fall Interlude” have gotten quite the hype,

09 Jun 2015

199X The Movement

June 5th, DC native rapper released a short interview titled “Who Am I #199x”. During the interview LB  goes on to shed light on who he is as an artist. He goes on to describe where his name, which is also his stage name originated from. LB describes himself as

11 May 2015

Sean Johnson Brings Soul To Music

It seems in todays world females are conquering the soul in music, that’s in the younger generation in music. Sean Johnson is showing and proving that he is soul music. Being able to bring soul to a hip-hop rap song to Rae Sremmurd’s ” No Flex Zone” is very bold

28 Apr 2015

Bottles Belafonte Spreads Love

Rapping to inspire, coming out of Miami, FL; Bottles Belafonte is spreading love, pain, struggle, and so much more in his music. Giving you reggae, hip-hop, rock’n roll all fused into one sound, which you can hear in his music. Releasing his single “Love Matters”  you can feel the peace

20 Apr 2015

ThirdEYE Deep Taps Into Your Conscious

Coming right out of the DMV, The Maryland based rappers ThirdEYE Deep is creating a full force consisting on three individuals who have different styles while still managing to merge their sounds together. The conscious group consists of Ledge Seven, Polo and AT-EA$E; just releasing their mixtape “Front Runner” the trio

15 Apr 2015

Akita Dameka Shares HeartBreak Love Story

It seems almost as if singers today don’t like to express their heartbreaks over tracks. Music back in the 90’s did such a thing once upon a time. Akita Dameka released her passionate single “Meddici Row”, the singer doesn’t hold back as soon as the song plays, Akita was bold,

14 Apr 2015

Jep Roadie’s Dose of Self Peace

Jep Roadie is all about self-awareness and being content at who you are as a person. We need more artist like Jep Roadie, being innovation and inspiring those through his music on what he believes will get us by. Jep Roadie isn’t seeking all the fame that comes with music,

12 Apr 2015

Joe O

New Jersey based rapper Joe O is making 2015 his year on remembrance.  Keeping his north sound with his music, as well as staying consistent and true to what his music stands for. Making his name in Jersey, Joe O is that guy you will need to watch up for.

07 Apr 2015

Laylo Tarantino

Laylo  Tarantino isn’t your average rap artist, his story-telling flow is what sets him apart from all the rest. Not every rapper can tell you a story over a fresh beat, which  makes you feel his pain, vulnerability, and personal points during his life. Layla’s smooth charisma flow to hip-hop

25 Mar 2015


Coming from the sunshine state of Florida, the name OneNorthOrange says it all. The dynamic duo combines two different sounds to create one emerging sound that gives you the PartyNextDoor vibe.  Releasing teasers “I.M.O” OneNorthOrange is giving you the new sound our generation is clinging too. Music you can relax