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(Bay Area) 18-Yr Old Tristan Flores Makes Fashion His Gateway


E3, ‘J-Shanks’ has been Eracing the Hate in his hometown Richmond, California, since he graduated from Howard University.  Encouraging and inspiring the youth, he’s given us the opportunity to link with one of Gateway Highschool’s top go-getters!

We introduce to you Tristan Flores, ladies and gentlemen…..

A junior at Gateway Highschool, Tristan’s got one thing on his mind…

“I just want to be successful”   IMG_9516

Born and raised in the Bay area, Tristan is of Mexican decent.  His parents were born and raised in Mexico  He says he was tired of rockin the same ol thing, and with the inspiration of a friend, he started customizing hoodies for his classmates and neighborhood friends.  The best part about making his own clothes is “standing out from everybody” …. I made sure to let him know that the motto for Eracism Clothing is Blending in while standing out  and his passion to be successful makes him an ideal Eracist.

Tristan plans to attend the University of California, Berkley after high school where he will study criminal justice.

My older brothers seemed to always be caught up in the wrong things.  They were always in trouble”  

Tristan is making grayt grades and works to be an example for his family and peers.

We got the opportunity to talk about an Erace The Hate collaboration…. Stay tuned.

Follow Tristan on instagram @BayAreaLiving


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