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Candy Rain’s Billy Bang – Getting Introduced To The Music Industry


My first cassette tape was ‘Soul For Real’ by Candy Rain.  This was the jam!!!  Four young guys made a hit record that has proven timeless and is even heard amongst DJs’ club mixes 20 years later.

In 2014, Anthony Lewis released a new and improved ‘Candy Rain’ featuring Billy Bang!  Billy Bang has been an Eracist since 2011.  I heard the song on the radio in South Florida, and this interview was must.

Billy Bang is a hip-hop artist born and raised in the housing projects of LeFrak City Queens.  He has been making music since he was thirteen.  Bang was brought up in the hip-hop culture and began expressing his talents with poetry.  This moved to battle rapping, and as a Howard University graduate, Billy Bang is an accomplished producer and engineer.  He explains that his journey has been discovering and improving what is “his own sound”.

“Anyone can duplicate the music that they already hear.  I want to make sure that whatever I put out is ‘ground breaking'”

When asked ‘what have been your biggest challenges embracing the music industry’ Billy Bang says “Breaking into the industry was a challenge in itself.  After you establish opportunities like signing a record deal, the next task is not compromising who you are as an artist.  The industry will try to make you who they want you to be”

Billy Bang is signed to “The Chemists”.  Founded in September 2013, former Interscope Records Executive, Garnett March, launched his own recording label to promote and mold, up-and-coming artists.  Billy Bang and Anthony Lewis are the pilot artists for this company focused on paying “homage to the intricacy that music creation entails.”

The new single “Candy Rain” has proven to be an excellent introductory song for Anthony Lewis.  Billy Bang, the perfect feature, adds the hip-hop flavor to what is now a globally recognized hit.  Now, Bang is in the lab working on his introductory single.

Billy Bang is not just a rapper, but he’s also an accomplished actor, working on branding his style and perfecting his overall craft as an artist.  Currently in Atlanta, Bang claims faith in God, and faith in yourself are the tools to success.

I asked Billy Bang what were his opinions about the Donald Sterling incident, and ‘how can we eliminate racism as an issue in our communities?’

He says that he was not surprised to hear about the comments made by Donald Sterling.  “This is just another case of someone stuck in a time that can’t adjust….Keep living your life.”  The key to saving our communities is to work on not being divided as a people.

Billy Bang’s advice to the young artist: “Never give up.  If they don’t give you an opportunity, make your own opportunity.  Don’t’ do it because everybody else does.  Do it for the feeling it brings you.

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