11 Jan 2020

Miami Rescue Mission meets The Eracists New Episode Behind The ART

Erace The Hate’s key members Lyndon Marcano ‘Sax’ Gray, Gerald ‘Nova Sound’ Campbell, and Langston Gray sat down to discuss the mobilization of the ARTrepreneur program with the Miami Rescue Mission. In efforts to increase social empowerment, the ARTrepreneur program uses professional content creation to inspire and mentor youth. Eracism

26 Mar 2016

Dealing With “Jungle Fever” in 2016 | MUST WATCH!!

I came across this video by Grace Salvánt on Facebook.  Within the first few minutes of watching, you will get caught in the emotional testimony of a black queen struggling with an irresistible attraction to a white man.  Read the back story below. #EraceTheHate Dear “William”, Just know it wasn’t

05 Oct 2015

8400 New Pics From Outer Space : Apollo Missions

8400 New pictures were just released that were taken from outer space on Apollo Missions.  These pictures are incredible.  Would you be interested in traveling outer of space? ….. Check out a few of our favorites.