18 May 2015

Beyonce and Jay-Z Bailed Out Ferguson And Baltimore Protestors

Contrary to the criticism that Beyonce and Jay-Z receive about their support of Ferguson and Baltimore communities, word on the street is the power couple has made made numerous contributions for the bail of protestors.  “Actions speak louder than words” Complex Magazine screenshot statement of tweets from Dream Hampton. Dream

11 May 2015

Sean Johnson Brings Soul To Music

It seems in todays world females are conquering the soul in music, that’s in the younger generation in music. Sean Johnson is showing and proving that he is soul music. Being able to bring soul to a hip-hop rap song to Rae Sremmurd’s ” No Flex Zone” is very bold

09 May 2015

Sauce Remix | United Streets of America Tour

“The love of God is the only solution to the growing pain we see and feel across the land, and it’s time for change…join us as we promote peace, love, and unity.  You’ll find us in urban neighborhoods – project housing, street corners, and parking lots throughout the city.  ”

01 May 2015

Prince Records a “Tribute to all of the people of the city of Baltimore”

Word on the street, Prince has recorded a “tribute to all of the people of the city of Baltimore.” The songs is expected to address the social/economic issues and the killing of young black men. The date for the song release has not yet, but the artwork (below) is sailing the

01 May 2015

Black Film Fest at Historic Gem Theatre | Bridges Society of America

On May 9th, 2015 Bridges Society of America and the Howard University Alumni Association of Kansas City will be hosting a Black Film Fest at the historic Gem Theatre in the 18th and Vine District of Kansas City. The organizations decided to use the Gem Theatre as the venue for

28 Apr 2015

Bottles Belafonte Spreads Love

Rapping to inspire, coming out of Miami, FL; Bottles Belafonte is spreading love, pain, struggle, and so much more in his music. Giving you reggae, hip-hop, rock’n roll all fused into one sound, which you can hear in his music. Releasing his single “Love Matters”  you can feel the peace

27 Apr 2015

Nas Announced His New Album

Since Nas’ previous album titled “Life Is Good”, I think we’ve all been waiting on his follow up.  Nas announced that he will be releasing his new album this summer according to HotNewHipHop. The site’s Instagram video was posted that features what is presumed to be Nas on stage during

20 Apr 2015

ThirdEYE Deep Taps Into Your Conscious

Coming right out of the DMV, The Maryland based rappers ThirdEYE Deep is creating a full force consisting on three individuals who have different styles while still managing to merge their sounds together. The conscious group consists of Ledge Seven, Polo and AT-EA$E; just releasing their mixtape “Front Runner” the trio

15 Apr 2015

Akita Dameka Shares HeartBreak Love Story

It seems almost as if singers today don’t like to express their heartbreaks over tracks. Music back in the 90’s did such a thing once upon a time. Akita Dameka released her passionate single “Meddici Row”, the singer doesn’t hold back as soon as the song plays, Akita was bold,

13 Apr 2015

The Dissection of Kendrick Lamar | To Pimp A Butterfly

The Dissection of Kendrick Lamar A Close Look At – To Pimp A Butterfly  This album is gold. Honestly this piece can be, and most likely will be, studied in colleges. Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly is his third studio album and is considered to be an instant classic. It sat