11 Jan 2020

Miami Rescue Mission meets The Eracists New Episode Behind The ART

Erace The Hate’s key members Lyndon Marcano ‘Sax’ Gray, Gerald ‘Nova Sound’ Campbell, and Langston Gray sat down to discuss the mobilization of the ARTrepreneur program with the Miami Rescue Mission. In efforts to increase social empowerment, the ARTrepreneur program uses professional content creation to inspire and mentor youth. Eracism

27 Nov 2018

The Importance of Embracing Multiculturalism

They say friends are the family that you choose, and when members of that family happen to come from different corners of the world, it contributes to a unique and enriching experience. Creighton University is a relatively small university with just over 8,000 students. Despite this, it has a thriving

24 Sep 2018

Playcation – Tragedy to Track List

We have just opened up our lines to receive submissions from youth everywhere who are using arts music to inspire and motivate their peers.  All are encouraged to submit their works to art@eracethehate.com for an opportunity to be featured on our website. Today, we are featuring a young woman from

02 May 2018

Why ‘Body Positivity’ for Men NEEDS to be a thing! | Taylor Boyd

Among the media, we more than often see women in “Body Posi” campaigns as the fore-front for the movement of self love and self worth. But in this age, we’re approaching something thats growing into a detrimental epidemic for the male species. Men are often force fed the idea to be

07 Sep 2016

Owning Yourself: Natural Hair

I’ve always hated the term “good hair”.  As far as I am concerned, everyone’s hair is beautiful. We were all given a unique pattern, wave, hue, texture and density. We should embrace our one-of-a-kind locks. We should love them! As a black girl in a primarily white environment I trapped

26 Mar 2016

Dealing With “Jungle Fever” in 2016 | MUST WATCH!!

I came across this video by Grace Salvánt on Facebook.  Within the first few minutes of watching, you will get caught in the emotional testimony of a black queen struggling with an irresistible attraction to a white man.  Read the back story below. #EraceTheHate Dear “William”, Just know it wasn’t

24 Nov 2015

The Difference Between A Sweet Potato and a Yam

Have you ever wondered the difference between a sweet potato and a yam?  Here’s your answer!  Surprisingly, most of us have never eaten real yams before.  Watch this video to see the comparison.

10 Nov 2015

University of Missouri President, Tim Wolfe Eraces The Hate

MU student Jonathan Butler began a hunger strike that would ultimately spark the support of the students and faculty of his university.  His protest was motivated by a “lack of empathy” from the university president in a Post-Michael Brown climate on the campus.  Yesterday, the University president, Tim Wolfe, resigned from

02 Nov 2015

An Authentic Reflection #MondayMotivation

An Authentic Reflection #MondayMotivation #MusicMonday 11/02/2015 0 Comments   Written While Listening to HELLO by Adele (Click to Read on Website #MusicMonday) It’s me. Thank you for taking the time to read this. You could be doing anything right now, but you’re spending time in your day reading what I’ve written.

13 Oct 2015

The Million Man March – An Open Discussion

As a love energy surrounds everyone in this downtown Washington, D.C. area, you can sense the power of unity. There is a power of people that came out to stand up for the same reasons.  Everyone was courteous to one another and respected the positivity of this moment in history.