15 Jun 2015

We Power Two The Peaceful Challenge YOU!!!

June 20th we want to get as many people as possible to post a video stating how they stand for peace and positivity.   “I Your Name bring peace and positivity to my community by ________.  And I Power Two The Peaceful Challenge  Name some friends !!!   Remember that “like the

12 Jun 2015

Rachel Dolezal Is Embarrased To Be White #AskRachel

Rachel Dolezal may not be embarrassed to be white, but she feels she has a connection to the black community.  It seems odd that she is confused about whether or not she African-American.  The truth is, Rachel has an affinity for the state of the black and minority America.  Let’s

21 May 2015

Music and Media Make The Revolution Attractive

I was reading this week’s Motivated Monday and saw the video for “No Church In The Wild” by Kanye West and Jay-Z used a reference for the message.  This was my first time watching this video, and it shocked me how the imagery in the video resembled the “riots” in

18 May 2015

The Truth Of Universal Love – An Authentic Reflection

Living in the world but not of the world one becomes exposed to truth hidden in plain sight where we find true power. For truth is power and what God claims as right cannot be left to be destroyed by man. The righteous may be crucified as if they are

18 May 2015

Beyonce and Jay-Z Bailed Out Ferguson And Baltimore Protestors

Contrary to the criticism that Beyonce and Jay-Z receive about their support of Ferguson and Baltimore communities, word on the street is the power couple has made made numerous contributions for the bail of protestors.  “Actions speak louder than words” Complex Magazine screenshot statement of tweets from Dream Hampton. Dream

11 May 2015

Sean Johnson Brings Soul To Music

It seems in todays world females are conquering the soul in music, that’s in the younger generation in music. Sean Johnson is showing and proving that he is soul music. Being able to bring soul to a hip-hop rap song to Rae Sremmurd’s ” No Flex Zone” is very bold

10 May 2015

Restuarant To Hold White Appreciation Day… What do you think?

A barbecue restaurant in Milliken, Colorado plans to host a “White Appreciation Day.”  According to local station WNDU, all white people will receive a 10% discount on June 11.  Owners Edgar Antillon and Miguel Jimenez are both Hispanic and tell KUSA 9 News that they started this “as a joke,”

06 May 2015

Xie Xu Carries His Friend To Every Class For Three Years

Now’ that’s what I call having someone’s back! A young Chinese student has spent the past three years giving piggyback rides to his disabled best friend to ensure that he doesn’t miss any of his classes at school.  Xie Xu, 19, attends Daxu High School in Jiangsu Province with Zhang

05 May 2015

Ryan Gosling Pays Tribute by Finally Eating His Cereal

Upon hearing the news that the man behind the vial “Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal” videos has sadly passed away after a battle with cancer,  Ryan Gosling has finally eaten his cereal. Ryan Mchenry was the Scottish 27-year-old comedian behind the massively popular short videos that featured Ryan Gosling

28 Apr 2015

Dragging Along What You DON’T Want? | Phil Good Facts

Are you holding on to a relationship that you don’t feel is going anywhere?  Do your self the favor and stop “Dragging Along What You DON’T WANT” Here are the Phil Good Facts: I’m going to write a post on women as it pertains to this subject but I will start