26 Apr 2015

WATCH!!! Obama Reveals his “Buck-et” List @ 2015 #WHCD

April 25, 2015 – President Barack Obama delivered his seventh speech to the White House Correspondents’ Association Saturday night. After a short montage parodying his interviews with BuzzFeed and YouTube stars, the president launched into his annual stand-up set. “Welcome to the fourth quarter of my presidency,” Obama said, adding

16 Apr 2015

Authentic Reflection | Love Is Priceless

“Money…Some people so poor; all that they’ve got is money…Oh, and diamonds…Some people waste their life counting their thousands…I don’t care what they’re offering…How much gold they bring? They can’t afford what we got, not even the king.” ~ Alicia Keys Money is just numbers and love is priceless. 15

23 Mar 2015

Heaven On Earth | A Motivated Monday

“Tears are an excuse for words words that can’t express fearswhen the sun hides only to be replaced by rainthey’re there to diminish the pain” ~ Kelli Cole The truest, purest form of expression is the release of words that flow with the stream of tear droplets. They heal you in ways

17 Mar 2015

My Positive Impact On The Community

Question: We have begun our Power Two The Peaceful campaign, how would you make a positive impact on your community with art, technology, and business? Answer: My Positive Impact on The Community   The way I would like to make a positive impact on my community through art, technology, and business

10 Mar 2015

“The Art of Teaching” by a HS Student

“The Art of Teaching” “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”(1 Corinthians 13:11) As children, we’re told that we can do anything. “Be the change you want to see”,

26 Feb 2015

A Letter To Reggie Dee | Power Two The Peaceful

We’ve compiled some of our most recent submissions about Reggie Dee’s walk in what we call…. A Letter To Reggie Dee #WalkWithMeAgainstRacism Reggie Dee’s walk against racism did one thing when I first heard of its existence: shook me to the core. The distance. The commitment. The challenge. As a

09 Feb 2015

Reggie Dee is Walking 1300 Miles From Texas To Florida

“Walk With Me Against Racism” Reggie Dee of x102.3 has begun his 1300 mile walk from Dallas, Texas to West Palm Beach, Florida.  This kind of reminds me of Forrest Gump’s sporadic walk across the United States.  In honor of his mother, Reggie has decided to walk for the people.

angla richardson
29 Jan 2015

Beauty Girl turned Social Change Maker

The Beauty Girl turned Social Change Maker: My Transition to the Social Sector January 28, 2015 By Angela Richardson,2014ProInspireFellowHave you ever had a moment when the light bulb turned on right above your head? I did. It was a cold, brisk morning in the middle of December 2011. I was

28 Jan 2015


Genesis gen·e·sis – ˈjenəsəs/noun   1.origin, source, root, beginning, “the hatred had its genesis in something dark”2.formation, development, evolution, emergence, inception, origination, creation, formulation, propagation “the genesis of his life” I was born in Brooklyn, NY…the hood. I spent enough of my adolescent years there to remember it clearly before being swept away to Suburb, New Jersey. Now, let me make it

27 Jan 2015

Hard work, Discipline and Perseverance | An OG Told Me

“You can start as fast as you want to, but if you don’t finish, you haven’t done a thing.”- Oscar Wright In front of rooms of people, be it at a large school board meeting in downtown or at a small continuation school in East Oakland, I’ve witnessed him introduce