19 May 2015

Partnerships Bring Free WiFi On Planes

Next time you get in a plane, don’t you wish airplane mode doesn’t mean an end to your internet connectivity.  I mean, Starbuck’s offers free WiFi.  After the price you spend for a plane ticket, you would think that planes in 2015 would have free WiFi.  Well, why not?! When

05 May 2015

College Students Invent Device for Natural Disasters

A communication device now in the hands of the Filipino Red Cross, can help emergency responders stay in touch even when cell signals are completely down.  When the signal is out, the device, which is solar powered will stay on given any circumstances.  The Danish designers who are responsible for

23 Apr 2015

How Will WeMojis survive the iOS update?

I remember the first time I saw an advertisement for WeMojis.  I thought, ‘this is the application we were all waiting for, the “black emoji”‘!  Someone has developed an app for emoticons with a more “urban” representation!  With over 25,000 downloads, the WeMojis team quickly showed their supporters the demand

15 Apr 2015

Rob Boyd Talks Financial Literacy | Success Is Simple

Success Is Simple: “Success Is Simple” is a web series focusing on career and personal development.  Your co-hosts, Rob Boyd and Xavier Warren, are successful entrepreneurs sharing simple actions you can do to achieve success.  I got the chance to talk with Rob Boyd about the web series and his

13 Apr 2015

Lyndon Gray Is Getting Featured!

Erace The Hate president, Lyndon Gray, has recently been featured in two media outlets in South Florida.  The Pompano Daily (Magazine) and beseenbeheard.org have published articles around the young mogul.  The buzz is picking up about Power Two The Peaceful, and that saxophone is carrying the tune! “(Lyndon) Gray is currently

01 Apr 2015

Nerd Alert: The Uber of Tech Support

Chicago native, Julius McGee says Nerd Alert will change the perception of the “nerd” forever.  Julius McGee, Billy Levy, Ryan Tenbusch, Brett Centerboard, Falon Velez, and Zack Zeldin are Florida Atlantic University friends and graduates that have designed a platform that connects people to on-demand tech support.  Palm Beach residents that are tired

07 Mar 2015

Howard University Students Are Getting Paid To Graduate

Graduating from Howard University is getting better and better!  Their new program will reimburse students their last semester’s tuition if they graduate on time.  This is just the motivation needed to keep students from procrastinating with the grant money.  Mom and dad will be just as glad as you are

02 Mar 2015

Chamillionaire the Technology Extraordinaire

With a short-lived rap career, Chamillionaire is much more than a one-hit wonder.  ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’.  Houston’s own has taken his expertise to higher levels.  Early on, Chamillionaire shared how social media engagement ignited his career. Now, he serves as an investor and advisor for the

30 Jan 2015

Debunking stereotypes through global citizenship | Jabari Smith

Having traveled to 19 countries thus far, Jabari Smith re-located to Nairobi in June of 2013 as a member of The Amani Institute’s founding class where he undertook Advanced Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation studies. Upon deciding to extend his stay in Kenya beyond an initial two-month plan, Jabari stepped

21 Oct 2014

Fear and Innovation – Weekly Motivation

“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.” ~ Mary Manin Morrissey Reality isn’t always what it seems. Your circumstances are as good or as bad as you believe them to be. Often times we define the quality of our lives by comparing