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Crazy Love | “Have You Ever Met Yourself For The First Time?”

Everybody is crazy. The only difference between a crazy person and a resilient person is that a resilient person doesn’t allow their craziness to define them. They instead choose to use their craziness to write their own story.

They choose to define themselves by redefining reality. We are all just interconnected parts of the same universe that provides infinite possibilities. We can use our innate energy and abilities to shift our perspectives.

Have you ever met yourself for the first time? So often we get caught in the rat race that we never take the time to look in the mirror. I’m not referring2918680 to the glass mirror where you view your physical appearance. I’m referring to the mirror to your soul found in the nothingness of solitude where all you have is yourself. All you see is your thoughts. These thoughts are what define you, not society, not your possessions or profession, your thoughts.

Let them drive you crazy then steer them into a brand new world. There are some of us who believe that to be normal is crazy.  We are all unique so to define yourself as a part of the rest sounds pretty absurd to me. You were birthed into this earth with a distinct DNA and have lived a life that only you have seen. You have the power to change the world because you have the power to change YOUR world. Find your center. Shift your perspective. Then capitalize on your beliefs. Let your heartbeat be gravity and attract all that you love. You deserve it.


John Harris III

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