Photo of Blaine (Artist)
Blaine (Artist)
Musician Legendary People

A southern rapper from South Florida that has visions of winning Grammies.

Photo of Januari .
Januari .

Social Justice

Photo of Marrico .
Marrico .
Cinematographer Wealth N All

Marrico is an artist, songwriter, videographer, and director from the D.C. Metropolitan area.

Photo of Yeabserra Abebe
Yeabserra Abebe
Media Curator Live In Peace

Media Curator

Photo of Saladin Ali
Saladin Ali


Photo of Ashley Andrews
Ashley Andrews
Founder The Urban Play LLC

Founder of The Urban Play, LLC

Photo of Mac Arthur
Mac Arthur
Rapper Good Son Entertainment

MacArthur is an American rapper and song writer known for his soulful lyrics fused with passion and reality. “Eulogy” takes aim at social injustice, police brutality, the right to choose and equality. MacArthur also speaks about his own struggles with being a Saint or a Sinner!

Photo of Hadoram Barnett
Hadoram Barnett
Entrepreneur BlackHeart Visions

Entertainment company that puts on Live Events

Photo of Bottles Belafonte
Bottles Belafonte
Musician Spreadlovegang

Spread Love!

Photo of Marshall Bland
Marshall Bland
Music Artist University of Central Missouri

Kansas City Native, music lover, music maker, shot taker

Photo of Rallo Boykins
Rallo Boykins
Comedy Howard University


Photo of Brittany Bradford
Brittany Bradford
Youth Development Professional/Designer GSU

Brittany Bradford is a designer, artist & model. She has been designing clothes since a child but as of 2015 she started designing clothes with crochet. Brittany graduated from Washington Lee HS class of 2013 receiving her HS diploma . Brittany is a model for VOID By Will Evans & a former model for DMVPrettyGirlz by Anthony, she is a member of both teams. In 2014 she was featured in a published book called BlackGirlsGoneBlonde. In 2015 Brittany created her own Brand called BeeKnotty and opened up an online store .

Photo of Tristan Brandt
Tristan Brandt
Student Creighton University
Photo of Marsha Brogdon
Marsha Brogdon
Business Banking Manager PNC Bank
Photo of Byron Brown
Byron Brown

DJ, Radio Show Host, Choreographer, musician

Photo of Brooke Burell
Brooke Burell
Designer Socialite Live In Peace

Mayham Collection Represents freedom and self expression in clothing

Photo of Imari Conway
Imari Conway
Artist University of Miami

Born and raised in the DMV area, iCon got his first musical experience in the church singing and playing piano and drums. Since then he has developed a soothing R&B sound that matches the singing of Drake with a production style that crosses over several genres.

Photo of Chanel Cook
Chanel Cook
Girl Boss/Student Howard University
Photo of Mickey Coughlin
Mickey Coughlin
Student Creighton University

I go to school full time. I also make beats and get buckets in my free time.

Photo of Baljeet Da M.C.
Baljeet Da M.C.
Sing/Rap American Sr High

I work hard and focus on music and school

Photo of Janae Daniels
Janae Daniels
Singer Paxen Learning Services

I am an artist, singer, and performer. I love working with youth and creating new opportunities fro people. I also love inspiring people and watching them acheive their goals.

Photo of Andrea Daughtry
Andrea Daughtry
Singer, Entrepreneur, Stylist Buttah Babez LLC

Andrea Nicole Daughtry has been a singer and artist for most of her life and an entrepreneur for over 5 years, Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, she’s endured an immense journey of heartbreak involving a failed  professional recording contract as a teenager, the loss of her high school sweetheart, and limited family support in business endeavors. Witnessing tumultuous relationships with immediate family, and destroying the most important one in her own life, has led her to write most of the songs you hear. Her writing process is substantially different than most and only understood by few, but with the expertise of Brandon Jones, a  (classically trained pianist at VCU), the solo journey began in early 2015. Andrea has written over 50 songs and will be releasing them over an extended amount of time. Years later after infiltrating college campuses like VCU, Howard University, VUU, Hampton University, Norfolk State University, and VSU with her unique designs and Vintage collection, she’s since taken a leap of faith in moving to Miami, Florida and created a new life of opportunities for herself in music, fashion, and business. Her keen sense of style and organization has connected her with individuals like Nerissa Irving (Nefeteri) and Leadonis Ferguson, who are known pillars in the Florida community of arts, fashion, and feminine health. With God’s help she’s continued to rise above adversity and remained true to herself while showcasing her musical gifts and passion for fashion. Her business Buttah Babez, was created in 2015 with the help of I’asia Aberasturi in Richmond Virginia to help combat various Skin and Scalp issues. Buttah Babez has had a wonderful 1st year and has further expanded in Curating and Designing African goods and Vintage Finds. Andrea’s Journey will soon continue in New York, D.C., and L.A. as she continues to advance in her music and small business. You can be sure to hear new music from Andrea in 2017. Her takeover is near.

Photo of Eric Deblackmere
Eric Deblackmere
Car Enthusiast Motivational Edge

A nice guy. I like to help others. I’m good with cars, and I look forward to sharing my life story.

Nate Demeke
Student Creighton University
Photo of Vy Do
Vy Do
Student Creighton Universtiy

An Intention Soul.

Photo of Felicia Donelson
Felicia Donelson
Howard University

DC native always looking for opportunities to help the community.

Photo of Dwayne Dopson
Dwayne Dopson
Artist Young Visionaries / The Motivational Edge

Im Blink , founder of Young Visionaries. A hip hop and arts collective based out of Miami. Through the harsh realities of the inner city and concepts beyond my years. I bring new wave hip hop with messages for the fountain of youth. Im Interested in becoming an eracist to network with more creatives who have the same love for things as I do. Positivity, Love, And Awareness.

Photo of Daryl Drumming
Daryl Drumming
VP PNC bank

PNC Bank

Photo of Frances Hall
Frances Hall
Entrepreneur ImsoDC

DC Native,CoOwner of ImSoDC Clothing dedicated to providing fashion forward garments wearable by all ages. We have participated in more than 30 PopUp Events within the first year of relaunching the Brand donated Tees to Elementary Schools and Recreation Bball Teams,we also look to be more active in the community. We are eager to gain the support of our DC residents both near and far ( those who have migrated throughout the U.S.) check us out #ImSoDC

Photo of Andreal Hoosman
Andreal Hoosman
Realtor/Broker Haywood Hoosman Realty

I am from a lineage that believes in being active in community and standing up for equal rights. I enjoy family, exercising and learning.

Photo of Cameron Jackson
Cameron Jackson
Keenan & Cam: The Podcast University of Nebraska-Omaha

we are a podcast that is geared towards giving the people a platform. we speak to local talent throughout the Nebraska area and give them a space to help promote their work.

Photo of Hollywood Jordan
Hollywood Jordan
Hollywood Clothing Co.

Clothing Line for Charities

Photo of Tut Kailech
Tut Kailech
Artist and Instrument of Gods Work University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Refugee from South Sudan. Came to the USA in ’94. Lived in 4 States. I love music and make music. I am the owner of Y.A.T.O. I want to be a servant of this world. I want to help people remember who they are deep down! I love the kids. All for the kids

Tom Kelso
Student Creighton University
Photo of Ras Kev
Ras Kev
Video Producer iHeart / Drink Champs

The Greatest. Stay WOKE.

Photo of Lady Lama
Lady Lama
Singer/Rapper/Songwriter/Influencer SpreadLoveGang

Lady Lama is an Alternative Hip-Hop and R&B storyteller. Living in New York during her early years, and then coming down to South Florida, gave her just the right amount of edge. She grew up being inspired by going against the grain, just because–always going left when everyone else wanted to go right. This made for the diversity you can find in her music. One day doing aggressive raps about UNITY, then another day crooning about love lost over a glass of wine. LVDYVISION, her brand, sees no limits and that is the message she wants to share with the world. “Life will only meet you as far as you’re willing to go.”- Lady Lama So with that being said, what you focus on grows. So many people are focused on “making it” when all you have to do is start and really meditate on your intentions.

Photo of Nick Lang
Nick Lang
Nick Lang Media
Photo of Simeon Livingston-Holliday
Simeon Livingston-Holliday
Musician FAMU

I’m a musician who has been about music my whole life. Learning instruments and playing music has been my only hobby since middle school.

Photo of Donovan Mann
Donovan Mann
Sustainable Energy Technology Student Creighton University

Y’all know why I’m here… spread peace love and positivity.

Photo of Christian Medina Beltz
Christian Medina Beltz
Poet/Journalist/Educator Syracuse University/Cold Medina Music

Christian Medina Beltz is a seasoned journalist and performance artist that uses his platform to raise up disenfranchised communities of every background.

Photo of Ramis Mercado
Ramis Mercado
Culture Cultivator oddblueroses

cultivating culture by consciously creating spaces for people to encounter genuine human expression.

Photo of Emma Messner
Emma Messner
Elgin Community College

I am a college student and yoga teacher who is all about cultivating love. I have solo traveled to 7 countries spreading positivity and advocating for the fact it doesn’t matter where you are from or what you look like, we all are human and unconditionally love is the key to understanding each other. <3

Photo of Ariel Miller
Ariel Miller
Taste of Heaven

I am a 21 year old who is has many of her own businesses. I love helping others and making happiness for all. God is first in my life then comes my family.

Photo of Moné More
Moné More
Student Creighton University

I am a full time student at Creighton University and am actively involved in Pre-Medincome society: My sorority, Delta Zeta: I am an editor in chief with Odyssey at their Creighton community.

Photo of Lloyd Moss
Lloyd Moss
Marketing & Promotions Florida International University

God Fearing Man / Hustler /

Photo of Andres Nelson
Andres Nelson
Multi Media Creator Minneapolis College of Art and Design

My Name is Andres Nelson and I love to create. Whether it’s a painting or a t-shirt design if I I feel inspired to do something, there’s no stopping me. My mediums of choice are graphic design and video editing. But I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades

Photo of Nova Sound
Nova Sound

Nova Sound is an audio technology company, devoted to providing unique production tools that advance creativity and originality in the audio/entertainment/recording industry.  They also provide; music production, music licensing, field recording, post production, and other audio services through their partner company Successful Sounds.  Nova Sound technology and Successful Sounds productions have engineered the sonic imagery for Erace The Hate audio/video productions.

Photo of Bryce Only
Bryce Only
Creighton University

The only REAL revolution happens inside of you.

Photo of Daniel Otto
Daniel Otto
Founder Otto Recruitment

The Mastermimds

Photo of Kianna Pinkney
Kianna Pinkney
Designer UMUC

Collaboration and growth ! Fortheculture

Photo of Jessica Pomales
Jessica Pomales
Student Live In Peace
Photo of Reesa Renee
Reesa Renee
Entertainment Spzn

I love the community and making music and spreading good vibes with my friends

Photo of Carly Reuca
Carly Reuca
Creighton University

Into drawing, up-cycling thrifted clothes, and making memories with the squad. Las Vegas born and raised.

Photo of Kenzie Rodriguez
Kenzie Rodriguez
Associate TargetCustomer Service

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love going to the beach, playing volleyball, and going on adventures.

Chavita Ruelas
Musician Creighton UniversityStudent
Photo of Kari Ruffatto
Kari Ruffatto
Student Creighton UniversityNursing

Creighton Nursing Program, Theta Phi Philanthropy Chair

Photo of Marcano Sax
Marcano Sax
Artrepreneur Erace The Hate

Lyndon Gray is an artist and entrepreneur (Artrepreneur) He focuses his talents in creating music, media, and marketing. Lyndon also serves the community as a teaching artist with the Motivational Edge and brand ambassador for Erace The Hate.

Photo of Nicolas Segreti
Nicolas Segreti
Prodcuer / Engineer PLYBCK

Music producer based out of Miami Florida. I work mainly production and engineering in the field of music.

Photo of Dezmond Seifu
Dezmond Seifu
CEO Master Ink Studios

Future Programs


Photo of Doug Silver
Doug Silver
All Star Innovations
Photo of Tevin TAlien
Tevin TAlien
Artist Palm Beach State

Upcoming recoding artist from the south FL area with a very unique style but very hip hop feel to production. The TaLien is here for good #EraceTheHate

Photo of Jessica Teachey
Jessica Teachey
CEO, President Golden Child

GoldenChild Management’s primary focus is to coach clients to their chosen destination of success by implementing business concierge services & executive management solutions into everyday projects whilst joining them with a prosperous conglomerate of vetted industry professionals across the United States & abroad! Their services include project management, brand & identity management, hospitality management services and small business benefits!

Photo of The Motivational Edge
The Motivational Edge

The Motivational Edge is a 501(c)(3) youth development agency that uses culturally relevant arts as a motivational platform to inspire youth toward academic achievement, increased self-confidence and the building of essential life skills. Using the arts as a motivational and learning platform, ME impels students who are underachieving toward desperately needed academic instruction. The youth currently served by The Motivational Edge are walking testaments that the arts are an extremely powerful learning and healing tool!

Photo of Warner Trotter
Warner Trotter
Rapper University of Missouri-Kansas City
Photo of Stephanie Walker
Stephanie Walker

A DC native. 30 years old. I’m pursuing a career in film/acting. I write a blog & poetry. I officiate weddings. I am just a free spirit learning my way through life. I believe through love/God all things are possible.

Rayshonda Wallace
University of District of Columbia

I just graduated

Photo of Dominique Washington
Dominique Washington
The Sexologist Pure Romance

I love empowering women.. i keep married people married. Single people safe and all women educated. Let me spoil you with FREE STUFF

Photo of Sianey Wiggins
Sianey Wiggins
Student Howard University

I’m a senior at Howard University, Vlogger, Dancer and I love spreading positivity and encouraging others.

Photo of Amir Youssef
Amir Youssef
Super CEO Talent4Change

Freeing Minds!