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Singer/Rapper/Songwriter/Influencer SpreadLoveGang
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Lady Lama is an Alternative Hip-Hop and R&B storyteller. Living in New York during her early years, and then coming down to South Florida, gave her just the right amount of edge. She grew up being inspired by going against the grain, just because–always going left when everyone else wanted to go right. This made for the diversity you can find in her music. One day doing aggressive raps about UNITY, then another day crooning about love lost over a glass of wine. LVDYVISION, her brand, sees no limits and that is the message she wants to share with the world. “Life will only meet you as far as you’re willing to go.”- Lady Lama So with that being said, what you focus on grows. So many people are focused on “making it” when all you have to do is start and really meditate on your intentions.

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