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Dr. Curtis D. Jasper challenges School-to-Prison Pipeline in Atlanta

Curtis D. Jasper, Ph.D., a Chicago Native, continuously shares stories of his challenges & obstacles, particularly the time spent incarcerated, with a number of state, local, community and private agencies.  He actually started his service in the community by bringing awareness and solutions to the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice on the state level.  The discussing the school-to-prison pipeline and being an example of triumph has been instrumental to Curtis success.  Curtis has developed a number of partnership initiatives with high schools, non-profit and community organizations, local attorneys,  business owners, community activists and much, much more.  He currently serves on The Re-Entry Task Force for DJJ. With speaking engagements, a mentoring program, wearing positive branded clothing (T-Shirts), Dr. Jasper participates in community events, soliciting donations through his non-profit organization, The I AM Project/I AM International, Inc.  This organization consistently shares his message of triumph in posts on all social mediums.  Curtis is utilizing his network as a former principal and educational consultant to expand in the Atlanta, Georgia area. #Network

“I LIVE my brand! I AM my brand!”

“In my role as an executive coach, an activist, educator, entrepreneur, Spiritual Leader and mentor, I help people become more effective and to lead a more effective life.  I help them see how they contribute to their own lack of effectiveness and then I help them develop the skills and strategies to remove these obstacles.

My role is to unlock what resides within leaders and/or to help them develop new ways of seeing or even new competencies.  I often describe my work as helping individuals to see openings and possibilities that they may not be aware of.  Most times, these openings are obvious.  Other times they are more subtle.  Then, once these openings are realized and named, I help people step forward, exploring and ultimately saying yes to this potential.  Then…the real work begins!”


Dr. Curtis Jasper has a new book and workbook that will be launched within 45-60 days. The book will primarily focus on how to Self-Actualize oneself while facing challenges, and the workbook will include guided practice to understand the book’s contents. Proceeds from the book sales will continue to fund The I AM Project- For Men of Color.

Thanks Curtis for reaching out to us, and continue to make a difference in the lives of those around you.

Here’s how to contact Curtis

Connect with me at:

Instagram- @IAMDr.Curt

Twitter- @DrCurtisDJasper

Facebook- Dr. Curtis D. Jasper- The I AM Project

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