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Phil Clancy is relationship and financial Coach from Atlanta, GA.  You may have seen some of his “PhilGoodFacts” in some of our previous posts.  Phil has now turned his language of love into a video web series, and the first two episodes are now available to watch on youtube.  If you ever had any doubt about your “game” or lack there of, keep up with these helpful tips to a happy relationship.  Be prepared to sweep your next significant other off of their feet!

Phil is a Howard University graduate and business owner with a unique perspective on the topic of relationships, dating, and love. Most women want a look inside the minds of men.

Is it that men and women think so differently? Or, is it the fact that we still don’t fully understand each other?

#PhilGoodFacts will take you inside the mind of one man, Phil Clancy, who will tell it like it is and be inspiring doing so! Sit back and enjoy a glimpse into the intricacies of real relationships; the fears, questions, and truths of it all. Are you willing to do the things necessary to maintain a healthy relationship? Phil had to ask himself the same question… Learn what happened next on “PhilGoodFacts”

This information originated from the “PhilGoodFacts” youtube channel | Don’t Forget To Subscribe

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