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Dragging Along What You DON’T Want? | Phil Good Facts

Are you holding on to a relationship that you don’t feel is going anywhere?  Do your self the favor and stop “Dragging Along What You DON’T WANT”

Here are the Phil Good Facts:

I’m going to write a post on women as it pertains to this subject but I will start with the MEN. We have all had that one person who we had some type of affection for but it was obvious they adored us a lot more than we did them. You talk to this person everyday and there is a perceived relationship without there actually being one. The dragging along of a woman and her feelings is one of the worse things men do to women. To take advantage of their feelings knowing they will stick around is frankly just wrong. Now you may say, “I’m not ready but I don’t want to lose her”. The easiest way to combat this is to talk to her about where you see or don’t see your relationship going. If she is in a mind state of thinking of you guys as a long term item then you need to let her know what the deal is as soon as you can. The problem is, men get into a mode of thinking they will hurt the feelings of women by telling them they don’t see the relationship going anywhere when in fact the longer something is strung along the more feelings a woman will gain and even more devastation is set to occur within them. When this happens then you have what people call the “crazy woman”. This is true and she has probably become irrational and even a bit crazy but only because women work on such emotion and to tug and pull at their heart strings can be dangerous if you suddenly cut them all. It takes a lot for a woman to give herself to a man, whether it be past relationships, mental hurt from her past, or even questioning her self worth; a woman needs to feel like she has not given herself and feelings a way in vain. If you are with a woman and you begin to feel that you don’t want her anymore don’t drag along all the baggage that is going to be waiting for you at the end of the terminal of your relationship. Drop it all and run because she will get over you easier than you think because there is always somebody ready to mend her heart and you may be standing in the way of what she really deserves. When you sense the mental signs of fading love or even like just let it and her go because the pain she is going to cause for you in the long run is not worth it! Be true to yourself and try not to hurt others in the process….

-Phil C.

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