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Erace The Hate helps out with Sista Strut 2014 | Breast Cancer Awareness month

The Eracists are showing BIG support for Breast Cancer Awareness month. We’ve just partnered with Haywood Hoosman Realty in St. Louis, Missouri to bring the peace to Sista Strut 2014. Haywood Hoosman Realty called on us to help them participate in this Saturday’s event in style! We’ve sent special edition wristglow and t-shirts to share with an expected 10,000 people. Haywood Hoosman Realty is committed to contributing to social initiatives that better their community. Thanks for the love!!!

“Saturday October 4th, 2014

The largest walk of its kind, Sista Strut is a 3K walk organized to raise breast cancer awareness for women of color. In 2013, there were over 8000 participants. This year, we are proud to announce, the Haywood Hoosman Realty/H & H Brokerage Group family will be an official “Pink Glove” sponsor for Sista Strut 2014. The Pink Glove is THE sought after keep sake at Sista Strut. The glove is produced in short demand; meaning there are fewer gloves than participants. Everyone will not receive a glove. Pink glove sponsors are given an allotment of gloves to distribute from their booths. This creates an excellent opportunity for Pink Glove Sponsors to market their service or product at the same time of glove distribution.

For more information about Haywood Hoosman Realty and their programs visit IMG_8701.JPG

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