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One of Erace The Hate’s core beliefs is that changing the world starts by investing in today’s youth. Giving children the tools for a successful and positive life is something that we and June’s Eracist of the Month BUZZitForward have a passion for.

BUZZitForward is a program under the organization Talent 4 Change whose mission is “to empower our kids, their families and in-turn our communities via social impact programs designed to help those involved become more confident, resourceful, and self-sufficient; all while discovering their true passion and purpose.”

Specifically, BUZZitForward provides free haircuts to local youth with the initiative in mind that if the youth look and feel better they will do better for themselves and their community. The local community barbers who volunteer also provide words of encouragement, advice and the opportunity for the youth to have the essential bond with a positive adult whom they can trust.

The program goes well beyond just providing kids fresh cuts to show to their friends. The progress of the youth involved in the program is monitored by surveys, reports, parents, and the participating organizations and schools to ensure that the youth are on their way to living positive, successful lives while having the support needed.

Talent 4 Change and BUZZitForward believe in the power of the local community by providing ways for anyone to get involved with the program and be a part of the change for tomorrow. On their website, you can easily make a donation to sponsor a child’s haircut. BUZZitForward is continuing to expand their outreach to more communities with their BUZZ BOXX Mobile initiative. They have already raised $20,000 toward their campaign allowing them to acquire the mobile truck to make haircuts happen everywhere! You can contribute to this campaign on their website as well.

Erace The Hate appreciates and recognizes BUZZitForward and Talent 4 Change for their hard work towards a more positive world. Head on over to their website and social media pages to learn more about their initiatives and donate. Every dollar counts towards a brighter tomorrow.


Instagram: @buzzitforward | Facebook: @buzzitforward


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