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Eracist of the Month | Gerald NovaSound Campbell

Do you ever meet someone, and it seems like they can do anything that they put their mind to? That’s how we feel about Gerald “NovaSound” Campbell. Gerald has been close to our hearts at Erace The Hate for many years and has blessed us with his talents by assisting us with various projects throughout. Now, we want to recognize him for the positive energy that is incorporated into every project he does and grant him Eracist of the Month for August 2018.

Currently stationed in Miami, Florida, Gerald is a man of all things music and sound production. A graduate from Full Sail University, Gerald offers a variety of services such as mixing, mastering, beats & instrumentals, post production, live location recording, and the list goes on. He has taken his passion for music and let it become his daily life which provides inspiration for us all to pursue our passions.

He is more than a man of music as he also has a passion for mentoring the youth in his local community. Gerald works with the Motivational Edge, which is an organization that educates, engages, and empowers under-resourced youth across Florida. He uses his knowledge and talents in the music and audio production business to teach kids the tools to express themselves creatively and potentially turn their passion into a career.

As of recent, he has released two music projects with the youth of Florida: “BLCK EXCLLNC” with the Youth of Pompano and “A Motivational Summer” presented by The Motivational Edge, both featured on the MoEd Radio Soundcloud.

We are excited to see Gerald continue to flourish as a creator and give back to his community with his talents and time spent mentoring the youth.


Check out all his links below and show him some love for all his hard work!

INSTAGRAM: @gnovasound

TWITTER: @NovaSoundWav


Stay positive. Stay peaceful.

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