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Eracist of the Month – Jessica F. Teachey

Erace The Hate seeks out individuals who promote peace and positivity in their everyday lives, actively practice the concept of Eracism and commit acts of love in their communities. When we find these stellar individuals, we want to use our influence to promote the positivity that they are living. This month, Erace The Hate’s Eracist of the month is Jessica F. Teachey.

Jessica is a Howard University alumna, the Executive Management Consultant at Golden Child Management, the Program Director at The MusicianShip and the Senior Director at LegalShield. While using her voice on social media to highlight controversial issues of today that need to be heard, Jessica also uses her professional career to spread positivity and give back to her community.

Jessica Teachey

Golden Child Management’s primary focus is to coach clients to their chosen destination of success by implementing business concierge services and executive management solutions into everyday projects whilst joining them with a prosperous conglomerate of vetted industry professionals across the United States and the world. Their services include the management of projects, brand, identity, hospitality services, and small business benefits. Through this management company, Jessica lifts people up in her community and helps them achieve success.

The MusicianShip is a non-profit organization that facilitates music lessons, experiences and opportunities. The MusicianShip’s mission is not limited to but focuses on at-risk youth who benefit the most from positive outreach and music scholarship preparation.  The organization runs music schools taught by internationally known performers, including Dennis Chambers, Orianthi, and Gregory Grainger, that provide opportunities for city-wide marching bands and group or private lessons. The goal of the organization is to create healthy environments that foster positive peer relationships, provide strong role models and build self-esteem.

Jessica Teachey

LegalShield provides legal service plans to North American families as well as legal counsel and advice from qualified lawyers over the phone, along with many other benefits.

Through Jessica’s professional and personal life, she promotes peace and positivity while emulating what it means to be an Eracist in her community. So, just like she shows love to her community and beyond give her some love back! Blow up her social media accounts below with all of the peace and positivity possible.

Instagram: @24goldenchild



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