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First, Love Yourself – The story behind the ‘Evolution Of Love’


John Harris III newly released book Evolution Of Love: A See You. Be You. Do More Story, has been a motivating work of art, to say the least.  He has traveled the East Coast sharing poetry and educating the youth on self-actualization.  I had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Harris on his accomplishments…

John has been writing poetry since he was 8.  When he moved to, Hazel Crest, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, he left behind his childhood friends and relatives.  Forced to adapt to a different environment, John began writing poetry to collect his thoughts on being alone in a new place.  Although he did not begin writing his book in the 5th grade, this is when he began his uphill battle to love himself.

John attended Howard University, in Washington D.C., and graduated with a degree in Psychology.  Writing and dancing being his main hobbies, he did not find it hard to fit into the social scene.  But college parties still didn’t fill the space where John wanted to find his purpose and understand his future.  Temporary satisfactions did more harm than good for the college student with “dreams”.  John wanted to start a business.

John knew the first step was to ‘focus on something you’re good at’.  So, he did just that.  His college roommate’s father passed, and to help a friend cope with the loss, he wrote a poem.  The poem is entitled ‘Life Is Short’.  John’s simple act of empathy was so much appreciated that the friend’s mother requested the poem be read at the funeral.   This was it!  John realized he has always had a connection with people in his writing.

While interning at the Urban League,  Harris began writing more and more for what he now called ‘Authentic Reflection’.  He had a vision.  Soon after, came the tagline “See you. Be you. Do more.”  This tagline was the motivation, the foundation for how John will describe the process to creating your true self.

With a new website, John began sending encouraging words in email every monday titled “Motivated Mondays” .  This has lasted for three years, and he’s never missed a week.  Paul Brunson – mentor, match maker, and life coach – has been John’s primary advisor for a journey that is just beginning.

In August 2013, John released his first book Evolution of Love.   This is a coming of age story teaching love of self, love of others, and love of society.  John labels his book a tool in a curriculum teaching “dreamers” like himself that they have everything they need to be whatever they want.  First love yourself.

The book reveals a process.  Journey with young Harris through his dark side, then he begins “to be”, feel the flow of being true to oneself, and finally there is light at the end of the tunnel where he begins to create himself in his vision.  The story from beginning to end is abstract in that the process, from near depression to community work, is painted poetically and not described literally.  John describes this “work in art form”The art continues.  John is currently a Job club coordinator at the Maya Angelou PublicCharter School in D.C..  Approaching his 31483396_10152090641168886_1718767497_n year anniversary, John has launched a ‘Utopia’ campaign where he invites people of all religions and walks of life to share their testimonies and talents once a month at Sankofa Cafe at 2714 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, D.C.

When asked what his inspiration was, John replied “life and love”.

And of course John is an Eracist. E370 to be exact.

Purchase the Evolution of Love and join the motivated monday reading list @

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