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‘A’ Papers for Scrapers | An OG Told Me

Live from the Bay… West Oakland. Pendarvis Harshaw was making his neighborhood cruise and came across a scholarly scraper maker.  Pen travels his hometown to get the inside scoop on life from the OGs!

Pen writes…

“I learned how to take my lil butt, sit in that chair and hit them books in that school.”- Tall Paul

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I was cruising down the backstreet when I saw the golden spokes on his parked bikes; I instantly hit my brakes. I had to compliment him.

He was kneeling, woking on another bike near a mobile home.

I introduced myself and he did the same, proclaiming that “Tall Paul” is his name.

I told him I liked his bikes. He told me he liked my vibe, and asked me to hold on…

He went in his mobile home, and came back out with another golden wheeled Scraper Bike. He was followed by his “better half”, a woman by the name of Antoinette, who was holding yet another decorated bicycle.

He said he fixes bicycles for young people who earn more than 3 A’s on a given report card. Of course, the young people have to bring the report card and their bikes to his shop, which is West Oakland’s on Peralta st.

He has no problem fixing bikes, in fact, he’s been doing it since he was kid. I asked him, if he had the chance to talk to young people, what message would he tell them? OG Told Me…


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