Heart Core Networking Affair in Miami – Thursday (Mar 24)

HEART CORE is a grassroots networking affair for creatives and innovators — organized by Miami-based artists.

Wrapped in art of all kinds, HEART CORE features community leader groups and gives them the spotlight to present their current projects and future initiatives.

The Waking Hearts artists supply creativity and production. They collaboratively adopt and support sustainable ideas and improve our communities with art-inspired solutions. 

Performances by:

Mercury Wolff
Bottles Belafonte (from Spread Love Gang)
The Uncanny Reservoir

Featured Heartists:

Craig Andre Hamilton Theron (Gallery)

Kno One (Sound Healing)

Cindy Cortez (Gallery)


A social mixer for members of The Waking Hearts, the HeARTists, to meet and connect with other movers and changers in our community, a.k.a. YOU!
Heart Core’s purpose is to celebrate and bring together the many collectives, groups, and coalitions in Miami under the same roof. Guests will network and talk about how they can collaborate in community projects and the like.
The events will consist of a curated live performances showcase, a pop-up art shop, live art, a presentation featuring a community group and a social mixer to close it up.
This Heart Core we will be featuring the Spread Love Gang (SLG)!
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