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Heaven On Earth | A Motivated Monday

“Tears are an excuse for words 
words that can’t express fears
when the sun hides only to be replaced by rain
they’re there to diminish the pain” ~ Kelli Cole

The truest, purest form of expression is the release of words that flow with the stream of tear droplets. They heal you in ways no doctor ever would in-fact these words heal you in ways only an angel could. Creativity is found in the discovery and acceptance of the unsaid when a muted heart must find a way to beat again. It must come back to life, be revived by new breath. Inhale pain and exhale elevated frequencies that grab the soul and fly it to new destinations. You must face fear without hesitation if you want to grow from the mistakes of your past. You must elevate above the demons of purgatory if you ever want to reach heaven. 

Wherever we find tears, we find inspiration. This is the work of an artist, a creator who flips pain into triumph, misery into victory and darkness into inspiration. A star shines brightest in the night sky when hope may feel lost but you need help finding new direction. Find it within yourself to shine that light from within. It is in you. Channel your God-given power and shine with a new flame.

The frequency of feeling vibrates through speakers to impact the lives of the unseen. Angelic voices resonate throughout rooms to touch the souls of people in need of healing. When you put your heart on display its beat pulsates into the hearts of others to help them rejuvenate.  You share your lifeline with the world and in turn you will live in unison with the people who occupy it.  Art is life and life is art. To have one without the other is to cease existing. Create and live a masterpiece, then transition into your after-life. You have the power to create heaven on earth. 

See you. Be you. Do more.
John Harris III

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