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How To Treat A Lady – A Quick Lesson In Courtesy

“I’ve read many correct and incorrect theories about this photo, so let’s set the record straight on what is actually correct so that we can ensure that we always teach our young men properly.

First, the man should always be the one walking closest to the street when accompanying a lady. Historically, carriages were known to splash mud, so a gentleman would always walk closest to the street to protect the lady from splashing. Today, it is done mainly to protect her from the threat of a car jumping the curb. Also, if you want to analyze this even deeper historically, the gentleman offers his left arm to escort the lady on his left side so that his right hand is free in case he has to draw his sword in impending danger(since the majority of swordsmen were right-handed).

The only exceptions to this rule were on the days when residents were dumping chamber pots out of their windows or if the woman is of a superior rank in the military in a formal situation which required her to walk in the position of honor, which is to the right.

Once she is walking to his left, he should also politely ask the lady to carry her purse in her right hand so that it is placed between them to reduce the threat of purse-snatching. Lastly, his hands should never be in his pockets. Having your hands in your pockets is viewed as a sign of nervousness or being unsure and also encourages slouching.

Teaching a young man the dynamics of being a gentleman is one of the best ways to ensure his future success!”

Ron Kelly


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