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How Will WeMojis survive the iOS update?

I remember the first time I saw an advertisement for WeMojis.  I thought, ‘this is the application we were all waiting for, the “black emoji”‘!  Someone has developed an app for emoticons with a more “urban” representation!  With over 25,000 downloads, the WeMojis team quickly showed their supporters the demand for an integrated, diverse emoticon.

To no big surprise, Apple released their own “diverse” set of emoticons with the newest iOS update.  The new update allows you to change the skin complexion of certain emojis.  BUT.  Although Apple had added new elements, the WeMoji concepts approaches emoticons from a different angle.

I talked to Donovan (Don) Brown, WeMojis Co-Founder, about the co-existence of the WeMojis and the iOS update.  He assured me of what makes WeMojis so unique……here’s how the convo went

Gray: Why did you decide to move on the WeMojis idea? (Like when you decided “Let’s do it”)

Don: My brother Trey Brown came up with the idea after noticing that African Americans were clearly underrepresented in the emoticon space. After communicating to myself and my mother that this could be a real opportunity, we decided to actually pursue it as a family in the summer of 2013.

Gray: What is the real difference between a WeMojis and Emoji? (Besides them being black)

Don: The difference is cultural context and representation. Beyond just being a certain skin tone, WeMojis represent the “language” of certain cultures and ethnicities, starting with African American Millenials. This is the reason we include everything from hygiene products to Caribbean countries’ flags.

Gray: I really like the concepts behind each WeMoji, very creative.  What’s next?  How big do you want this to get?

Don: Our plan is to expand into providing various markets and sub cultures with their own Wemojis, such as the Asian and LGBT communities. Our number one goal is to be integrated and offered as an optional keyboard by major phone providers and social media platforms such as Apple, Google, and Snapchat.

Gray: (Random), are you and android or an iPhone user?

Don: I personally use an iPhone. I’m open to using an android though.

Gray: Which WeMoji are you?

Don: I’m a mix of the business man Wemoji and the gold grill/glasses Wemoji that we used for the icon.

Gray: You mentioned in your recent Forbes article that you are motivation for the young urban techies.  What’s your recommended book, magazine, or resource for staying ahead of the game in technology?

Don: I think for young people trying to get in tech, it’s important to keep up with the evolving standards of the tech and startup space. Black Enterpise, Forbes, Techcrunch and Mashable are all great digital outlets to help in keeping ahead of the times. Also, find some people on social media who are knowledgeable about the space. Follow them and try to get in touch! Don’t forget to join some groups on LinkedIn and in your local area.

Download the WeMojis app here!

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