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Hurricane Patricia: The Rise and Fall #PrayForMexico

Hurricane Patricia has been recorded Category 5 with 200mph winds, as the strongest hurricane in history.  Shortly after touching land this morning, the storm has crumbled.  

Hurricane Patricia landed 55 miles west-northwest of Manzanillo, home to the largest container port on Mexico’s Pacific seaboard.  This affected luxury resorts in Puerto Vallarta and neighboring impoverished communities.  Moments after the storm arrived, it came and went.  Patricia is still alive but has quickly been categorized as a Tropical Storm.  The storm lost momentum after hitting the mountains, and it is now just heavy rainfall and powerful winds.  The people are still encouraged to stay in the shelters until the storm passes completely.

Although the hurricane did not survive long, it was on the ground long enough to cause severe damage to communities and businesses in the area.  Mexico has closed surrounding airports and banks while they assess the impact.  Unfortunately, a lot of people will be left without homes and belongings, and we wish them personal safety.  Be on the lookout for organizations that are giving back for the restoration of these areas.  If you find out before us, let us know.

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