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iOS Update with Emoji Including The Middle Finger

“The middle finger gesture is probably the most-desired among users – Emojipedia noted it has been the #1 emoji on its site for the past 12 months.”

Unicode Consortium is used to determine the standards for emojis.  With that said, Apple is trying to keep consistent with these standards.  So, the new emojis are here by popular demand not to be mistaken as disrespect.   Besides, the update comes with so much more than a funny gesture.

There are a lot of new characters and images, such as new foods like a taco, hot dog, cheese, pepper, popcorn, champagne bottle, and burrito, for example; animals like a turkey, crab, squirrel, lion, unicorn, and others; more religious symbols like prayer beads and places of worship; more faces, like an upside-down smiley, one with “$” symbols for eyes, a robot face, a bandaged face, a thinking face, and others; a few extra sports emojis; more weather emojis; more landscapes.  AND A LOT OF FLAGS


Our Favorite New Features:

  • 1 hour extended battery life
  • Public Transportation Maps
  • AND the middle finger   …. lol we’re always for self-expression

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