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Is It Just Me or Has Fashion Become Totally Unisex

More and more I see collections and campaigns of fine designs that are totally unisex. The elongated shirt for instance, has really become apart of the uni-fashion repertoire. I recall wearing oversized shirts in an effort to look sexy with the beau. You know, walking around in your bf’s shirt with maybe panties on. Now the look is totally casual. Men flop around in the loose Tees like they used to basketball jerseys. I am not saying I do not agree with unisex clothing. It’s been argued that unisizing the wardrobe takes the emphasis off gender and more on ones creativeness. I agree, fashion and anything else, for that matter, should not be fixed on gender specifications, but I do believe we were just fine exemplifying our inside fashionisto before the unisex attire ever came into view. Maybe this is me being old-fashion or more over reminiscing and missing the simplicity of life before it seemingly became a trend to be transgender and before the worlds obsession with the androgyny. What do you think? How do you feel about the unisizing of fashion or more so the unisizing of the world?

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Check out collections that have set out to eradicate gender norms in fashion.


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