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Karega Bailey | Peace King “For Black Males Who’ve Considered Homicide When They’ve Lost Someone They Love”

Karega Bailey is a teacher, activist, author husband, King, mentor, visionary, and Eracist.  Since we first linked with Bailey, there has been nothing but peace vibes and positive energy.  I have had the pleasure of sharing a stage with Bailey, interacting with his students, and reading his book “Surrender”.  | Sidenote: If you have friends who are authors, I encourage you to take the time to read their work.  It takes a lot to construct your own book.  And if you surround yourself with like-minded individuals, you would be surprised what you may learn by reading a friend’s book.|

Karega Bailey’s brand, SOL Spoken, is a series of oratory presentations that are dedicated to counteract mediocrity, the self-defeating coping mechanisms of sufferers and encourage young people to experience a change of perspective that allows them to find hope in the overlooked truth.

Karega has visually and sonically documented his journey as he travels across the globe building his station, outlet, following, movement of “soljahs”.  Directing messages of triumph, enlightenment, and sol power, Bailey has impacted Erace The Hate and lives everywhere.

……. The above mentioned was the slightest intro I could come up with to introduce Karega Bailey’s newest video ”

“For Black Males Who’ve Considered Homicide When They’ve Lost Someone They Love”

.  He released this video while doing a presentation at the International Conference on Urban Education.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted on Bailey and the Sol he brings.  Peace King.

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Also, check out the video for ‘Peace King’



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