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Keep Your Vision Before Your Eyes | KickStarting Marshall Sims

Marshall Sims has been singing since the age of 5, but he kickstarted his music career just 5 years ago.  Some of the hardest challenges that he faces as an aspiring artist involve being able to financially invest in creating quality music.  Marshall has performed at venues across the DMV area, he mentions the uphill battle it has been staying on the forefront of people’s minds without flooding timelines on social media.  Marshall’s greatest accomplishment this far has been performing at Howard Theatre.

“I remember when they were building it.  I said to myself ‘ I’m going to perform there one day’.

Sims interned for Shiba Hailey’s Howard Theatre Restoration project, and it became his gateway to fulfilling his dream.

“Keep your vision before your eyes”

Marshall writes his dreams and aspirations on paper leaving them by a plant in his room.  The plant is a living thing, just like your vision, but you have to feed it, grow it daily.

The swagger of a “teenage Dr. Huxtable”, Marshall’s is making music to uplift the fallen and rising soldiers of our generation.  His intentions are to make music getting to the hearts and minds of the people.

Marshall Sims has recently launched a KickStarter campaign raising $5000 to fund his debut project.

Check out Marshall’s uplifting single “For The Little Ghetto Boy” … and don’t forget to support the KickStarter!



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