Lady Lama spreads love and hope with F.A.L.L. EP | New Music

Lady Lama hopes to inspire others to focus on themselves, not to be selfish; but, to have the strength to be selfless. You see when you take care of your body and your mind, you then have the strength and energy to give to the world. She believes we are all here to help one another and share our gifts. “Don’t hold back, be weird, be bold,” she says. LVDY also hopes to inspire others to value their health, be self-reliant and take care of the planet. She often encourages those around her not to litter and to recycle when possible. In the upcoming months, you can find her doing motivational speaking for young Queens in the Making, Feeding the Homeless, and Taking Back Our Land. For now, be sure to check out her new EP called “F.A.L.L.”. It is about transformation–going from a vulnerable state to a confident and empowered state. The EP takes you through a journey of self-realization combining the essence of Jazz, Reggae, and other genres. Remember there are no limits. To be an artist is to create, whether it be a new version of you or a new piece of art, the best advice the LVDY can give you is follow your he(art). #SpreadLove #EraceTheHate

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