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A Letter To Reggie Dee | Power Two The Peaceful

We’ve compiled some of our most recent submissions about Reggie Dee’s walk in what we call….

A Letter To Reggie Dee


Reggie Dee’s walk against racism did one thing when I first heard of its existence: shook me to the core. The distance. The commitment. The challenge. As a former athlete & long distance runner (2007 Marine Corps Marathon), I could immediately mentally and physically identify. It immediately turned my thoughts to wonder…how do we get as many people as possible to now SOCIALLY identify? To me, in the end, that is the integral piece necessary to spread the purpose and mission of such a daring feat! We are in the day and age where one move can be shared with millions at the click of a button! We aren’t as challenged with communication and sharing breakthroughs as our ancestors and elders were. Laws are no longer built in place to silence those who choose to use their voices for the development of the masses. I’m proud to be a part of the Erace the Hate Family, an organization which prides itself on taking advantage of the aforementioned changes in time by forging forward with meaningful campaigns that bridge divides between our race: THE HUMAN RACE!
Reggie, thank you so much for standing as not only a MAN but a MARTYR for our times and beliefs. Every eye and ear that fall on this project will not be in vain. Instead, they will continue to spread the positive and productive words that we all continue to reinvest into the spirit of this country and globe! Thank you so much for standing, for speaking and for walking!
– Jessica Teachey
Students, Entrepreneurs, and activists across the nation wrote words of encouragement for Reggie Dees commitment to walk from Texas to Florida spreading awareness about social injustice…. Read More.

My name is Gerald Campbell, and racism is a thing of the past. In an era where culture and music brings together people of all kinds, what is racism? Coming from a multicultural background I see the power that diversity and a blend of people who may not understand everything but are opened minded enough to experience what different cultures can bring. Hip Hop is a great example, starting in the Bronx and growing into a cross culture bridge, bringing together people of all ethnicities in song and dance. This is what our campaign revolves around, spreading this culture to a generation of young entrepreneurs who have outgrown racism.

My name is Ashanta Davis. Born and raised in Orlando, FL. I am an aspiring A&R , teaching and helping others make thier dreams come true in this hard industry.  Impacting and establishing as many relationships as I can along the way is my mission.  My slogan is “supportthosewhosupportyou2015” !!!

I’m Jazz Ivory born in D.C raised in Maryland. I am currently a part of various movements (businesses) including my own B.O.A empire, and I am artist first which all of this is for. I’m going to continue to learn and grow, gain power and then empower. I continue my message for peace through what I want to do with and for others. #BOA #HYR #ChessMoves # SleepWhenImDead #199X

I’m Royce “Sauce” Handy. I’m a rapper/activist from Kansas City. I run a anti-violence movement and fund that helps families of murdered victims pay for burial expenses and more. I teach a class called “Rap as a positive influence,” that teaches youth how to use hip hop in positive ways to impact our communities. I use all this and more, to see people changed and encouraged to grow, starting with me and my city 1st.

My name is Justin “1k” Featherstone. I’m a radio/event host. My goal is to spread positive information and network with artist/community activist/poets/etc. my motto is “nothing but network ” and by default my eracist number is 1000. Oh! I’m the CEO of OneLoveOneThou. And I’m from D.C.

My name is Langston Montgomery Gray. I play the saxophone, I am the co-chair of the Mayor’s Kansas City Youth Commission.  From Kansas City Missouri, I am an aspiring entrepreneur and plan to earn a degree in Business technology when I attend college next year. I promote the concept Erace the Hate and I am the President/CEO of BeenJammin Buttons. I believe in the phrase “be the change you want to see in the world”.  I will achieve my goal of developing my product called mUV and continue to create things that will help change lives and make lives easier.

My name is Nicolas Segreti from West palm beach county, and I’m a music producer, music engineer, and entrepreneur. My number one goal coming into the music industry is to become a music executive.  Through music and sound I plan on eracing the hate hate everywhere my music is heard. Through positive music we can change the world.

My name is Tevin Alston Negative energy is something that’s a very powerful thing. A lot of people have a very hard time overcoming it sometimes, but it’s being around the positivity that’s how to get rid of those negative vibes. In Middle school, I personally went through a point in my life where I actually helped my father overcome his alcoholism. Now, we all know how dealing with a family member can be, especially someone so close to you suffering from something so serious . My father used to leave for weeks at a time. As a son, when your father doesn’t come home for weeks, it really makes you wonder, and that negative energy started rubbing off on me and the rest of my family. It’s like the expression “if there’s one bad Apple in the bunch eventually all the apples are gonna get spoiled”; that’s exactly what happened.  Things were tough, bills weren’t getting paid, he was missing special events my sister and me were apart of, but the worst was when people asked where he was and the response was ‘I don’t Know.’  So, my family and I finally sat down with him and told him that he needed to go to rehab to get better. Thankfully, he did, but he couldn’t do it alone.  He needed the love and positivity from us and we were there with him every step of the way.  It couldn’t have been without the positivity and love from us. People can’t do things alone in life, especially overcoming something like alcoholism, drug abuse, depression etc. My father has been sober for 8 years now and is a great man and role model for me, everybody overcomes adversity, but with Love and positivity overcoming that negative energy won’t be possible.


My name is Lyndon Gray.  I was very excited to learn about Reggie Dee’s walk for peace and unity. I met Reggie in late 2014, and like myself, he is a voice for his community. He told me the goal for the walk he would make in February: people need to come together. First, recognize that racism exists, and second, discuss the solutions to coexistence. 

Everyone placed on this earth has been given a different purpose. We did not choose the circumstances that we are born into, our race, nor the color of our skin. So, we must not judge before we understand. It’s easiest for me to apply this by ASKING QUESTIONS. Traveling the world or traveling down the street, people are people. Don’t fear what you don’t know, but seek knowledge. Appreciate what you are and what you have to share. An open mind is a result of a positive attitude. If we can get more of that positivity, we’ll be making some distance in a walk against racism and beginning a walk for peace.



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