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Love Projections – An Authentic Reflection

unconlove “….. Conditional love, which only manifests given certain circumstances, such as labeled relationships or the meeting of certain expectations, does not promote freedom, but rather constraint and conflict. People should only be expected to be who they are, and to expect anything else is unfair to both yourself and the people you project these conditions onto. If you choose to no longer love a person because they don’t fit into the boxes you’ve created, then you never really loved that person anyway. If someone doesn’t fit into the dynamics of what you have chosen to define a friendship or relationship to be, then change the dynamics, not the person. If someone does however fit into the idea of what you desire, don’t attempt to possess them but to rather help enhance their sense of freedom. It’s not your job to control people you love.” “….. Perception is reality. You have yourself forever, and if someone loves that person, then just let it be. Don’t overthink. Feel & flow. ” Your thoughts?….. John Harris, Authentic Reflection (Check out

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