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Lyndon Gray Is Getting Featured!

Erace The Hate president, Lyndon Gray, has recently been featured in two media outlets in South Florida.  The Pompano Daily (Magazine) and have published articles around the young mogul.  The buzz is picking up about Power Two The Peaceful, and that saxophone is carrying the tune!

“(Lyndon) Gray is currently living in Hollywood, Florida where he has recently launched the Power Two The Peaceful campaign.  This campaign is an introduction to the Erace The Hate Mentorship Program and a Fundraiser for its continuance.  The company has begun visiting schools and community centers inspiring youth in media, technology, and entrepreneurship.  They have successfully partnered with The Motivational Edge, Bailey Contemporary Arts, and the Miami Children’s Health Foundation.”


10986875_429198353913893_659121834299091523_n “I am motivated by the idea of building something strong enough to mobilize the people in a positive way.  Now is the time to focus on the solutions for the global issues, hate in our communities.” say Mr. Gray.  “The media and technology are what connect us all.  We must use these platforms to innovate ways we can understand our differences and coexist.”


Lyndon Gray was also featured in the Pompano Daily.  He’s growing the team of Eracists daily and establishing essential partnerships throughout South Florida.  Follow our fearless leader!

Twitter: @presidentpoupon

Instagram: @graypoupon

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