Lyndon Gray (Marcano Sax) Helps Miami Youth Create Clear Vision for 2017

The Motivational Edge teaching artist, Lyndon Gray (Marcano Sax), understands the importance of having a positive heart and clear vision.  He teaches lyrical expression weekly at Chapman Partnership on behalf of the Motivational Edge.

Vision: the state of being able to see.  Sometimes our vision becomes clouded with the everyday challenges of life.  Our present circumstances can be overwhelming to the point where we aren’t able to tap into our “super power”.  We all have the power to create the future we would like to see for ourselves, but we have to exercise this power as often as possible.

I have been asking my students to create vision boards so that they can take a second to dream of how they see themselves in the future.  Will you go to college? Did you start a family? What kind of career will you have? What motivates you to become this person?

The students were given magazines about everything from entrepreneurship to cooking.  With markers, a few glue sticks, scissors, and a pep talk, the students were charged to create something that would be a constant reminder of their life goals.

Two hours later, the youth were excited to share their visions with their peers.  It was fun to take a day away from the music and to make art with our hands.  The students kept their vision boards to post at home and were instructed to continue the focus on forward movements.  Vision is the true creative rhythm – Robert Delaunay

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