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Lyndon Gray talks Erace The Hate with LoxTV

Erace The Hate Interview : Becoming Eracist

Lox TV had a sit down with one of our Eracists, Lyndon Gray.  Lyndon explains why Erace The Hate is so important and how new Eracists and organizations can get involved.  Erace The Hate seeks to provide a haven for socially conscious entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals from across the globe.

“At least we know we have a home for people that understand that Peace and Love is the wave”

Erace The Hate has gained respect and popularity for promoting the concept of cooperative economics.  Eracists encourage their followers to support one another and build legacies of excellence.  The organization has made most of its impact in Missouri, Washington D.C, and is now headquartered in Miami, FL.  However, marketing representatives are scattered across the country, building relationships with other like-minded individuals and organizations.

The current focus of Erace The Hate is expanding the Eracist network by partnering with community organizations for events and outreach initiatives.  Gray mentions Erace The Hate’s current work with The Motivational Edge.  With help from The Motivational Edge, Erace The Hate conceived the LED Social Innovator’s Scholarship.  The scholarship fuses urban arts programming with entrepreneurship and financial literacy.  In 2016, Erace The Hate received a grant from Wells Fargo to further develop this initiative.

The Erace The Hate member’s directory is currently open as we seek to grow our list of committed change-makers.  Eracists are challenged to support other members in the network or make a contribution to Erace The Hate by supporting our scholarship.  Commitments are followed by an email where we gather information to market the stories of our members on our social and digital platforms.  Erace The Hate takes on the task of marketing the stories of other innovators in order create an influx of peace, love, and positive content on the internet.  Click here to Become an Eracist, and join The League of Extraordinary Dreamers.

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