Mickey POW!ers Releases Kings & Queens

Soular POW!er’s President, Knight in shining armor, AND Eracist! Mickey POW!ers has just released his 2nd single from his upcoming project.  Soular POW!er has been making moves throughout the DMV since early 2010, but the hidden treasure that is their music is unreleased to the public.  Well, stay tuned because a soulstice is coming

These are troubling times in the kingdom. It is important that we all acknowledge our royalty and pursue greater things than materialism. This song speaks to that. If you are a lover of melody, connoisseur of lyricism, or just love great music, lend an ear. Love, Fists and Rocketships to you! LIVE what you LOVE, FIGHT for your BELIEFS, GO where none have GONE BEFORE!

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Listen and Download Here!

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