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The Motivational Edge is Ending Gun Violence With Music

Artists can use various forms of media to provide a strong collective “voice” to call for an end to violence in the community. Music, and the arts are powerful tools in challenging stereotypes, changing perceptions and behavior. Due to their popular appeal and creative forms of expression, the messages conveyed by artists have a broad reach. As change makers and influencers, artists have the potential to affect social change and they play a leading role in reducing the violence. Through music, drama, dance, and visual arts, youth can draw and catch attention to problems in their Communities, educate others on the benefits of crime prevention, and suggest ways to prevent crime.

For Instance, Miami with many inner cities, is looking for solutions to end youth gun violence . The Motivational Edge sponsored a group of youth to produce “Stop the Violence”, a song and music video urging peers to put the guns down and be productive. Because they reach a wide audience, the Motivational Edge was recently featured on Channel 7 News in Miami. By reaching new audiences with each performance or display, arts performances increase awareness and refresh the anticrime messages for those who may have heard but forgotten them. They also communicate messages in multiple ways to emphasize key ideas, allowing youth to use their artistic, musical, dramatic, and other talents to deliver vital information to the community.



Art allows youth to use their creative talents, to help peers develop a sense of identity, independence, discipline, and self-worth.


There are many advantages and benefits from using arts, music and performances to help prevent crime. In addition to the satisfaction of creating or performing, you’ll have the pleasure of knowing that you’ve communicated about a subject of vital interest to your community. As a result of the creative arts, young children may learn new ways to settle arguments peacefully, adults may learn how to help establish a crime-free community, and your peers may realize that they need help with personal problems.  They may even recognize the importance of taking a stand against drugs. Because music and arts transcend language, they often help to bridge cultural, racial, crime, violence and ethnic barriers.

We can use the language of music to improve our lives.  Music can help us navigating difficult situations. That might mean losing a loved one to death, chronic health conditions, poverty or anything else that’s holding us back from having total joy and happiness. Of course, dealing with uninvited situations in our lives is often difficult and painful. In many cases, instigating major, but necessary, change in our life can be just as painful. But whatever condition we saw ourselves in the society , we know that how we cope with this situation will have an impact on our future and that’s why Motivational Edge and Erace The Hate are calling and pleading to friends, individuals, parents, firms, companies, or whoever reading this post to show love and give us maximum support in order to help achieve our aim of using music and arts to control and stop crime in our community.

Research and experience have shown that many arts and music initiatives are difficult to stand without sustained support and new resources. To meet this challenge, program leaders like the Motivational Edge need to identify funding sources on an ongoing basis. Government funding, business support, or local foundation funding is always needed, but identifying funding sources takes time and requires collective efforts.  We have to increase the need for literacy and education through the arts.

Any support regarding this is highly appreciated. Whether it’s a dollar or kind words; whether is a prayer or simply the act of sharing this post to maybe reach someone who has better conditions and is willing to help support this mission.  Visit the for more information.

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