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Murder She Wrote | G The MasterMind (Halloween Special)

Today G The MasterMind released the video for his new hit single “Murder She Wrote” Debuting just in time for the Halloween season, this video is a horror to be remembered with a hit song to tell the story.

The song was inspired by G and his experiences with different “crazy” girls. Movies like “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate” and The Last Letter – fueled The Matermind’s imagination for a track to warn the fellas out there “Beware [RUN!!!] when you realize you are in a relationship with someone who is scorned or insecure to the point where they damage your relationship. “I’ve had the usual keyed car, and I’ve also witnessed some things that I don’t want to share. I can just hope for the best for that person and tell others to avoid it.”

Once you see yourself with someone who has “crazy symptoms” Find a way to get help for help for “em”, or remove yourself from the situation.

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If you find yourself in a dangerous relationship, there are resources out there!

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Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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