[New Music] “Cloud 9” x Devin Jano (Coexist Music)

Coexist Music is a 4 man collective coming from out of Maryland consisting of members: Charlie Rad, Surrency, King Caesar, and Kimani. Coexist teamed up with fellow Maryland native alternative r&b singer Devin Jano to bring you “Cloud 9” . Together they formed the musical collective Legacy and started their Modern Retro movement which consist of them creating music that blends that good old school feel with some new school vibes.
Their newest track “Cloud 9” starts with some sleek r&b vocals then bursts into a pop jam as the melody picks up.  It makes you want to dance! Along with a catchy hook and witty raps, “Cloud 9” is an experience that represents the infatuation stage of a relationship.  Check out the video.

A collaborative LP project coming at the end of the year.
twitter: @coexist_music_   @devinjano
IG:  @coexistmusicgroup   @devinjano
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