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New York’s Favorite Rappers Open “Juices For Life” To Promote Healthy Living

Styles P and Jadakiss are members of the legendary hip-hop group the Lox.  With age and wisdom, they have become more sensitive to the food they are consuming and what’s being fed to their neighborhood.

We grew up “consuming whatever was made available to us” says rapper Jadakiss about the poor eating habits of the inner city.  As artists become more entrepreneurial, salute to Jada and Styles P for creating something to breed positivity.  They’ve opened “Juices For Life” juice bars in their hometown of Yonkers, N.Y., and throughout nearby New York City.  They are using this venture to educate the community about how eating healthy can rid the body of ailments and add more life to your living.

Check out their interview with Elite daily

Check out the full story at Elite Daily

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