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Owning Yourself: Natural Hair

I’ve always hated the term “good hair”.  As far as I am concerned, everyone’s hair is beautiful.

We were all given a unique pattern, wave, hue, texture and density.

We should embrace our one-of-a-kind locks. We should love them!

As a black girl in a primarily white environment I trapped myself into the belief that my hair must be “presentable”.

I wanted it to be tamed, long and under control.  I didn’t want to be unique.  I wanted to fit in.

After years of keeping my hair suffocated under repeated exposure to damaging heat, I came to a sudden realization.

Why is it “wild” to keep my hair at its natural state?  Why do I constantly put a flat-iron through my hair, spraying heat-protectant over it and wishing it doesn’t get damaged?

I shouldn’t have put it in danger in the first place.

Now, I’m not shaming straightened hair.  Straight hair is beautiful.  It only gets ugly when it alters one’s sense of identity (or literally damages your hair).

Of course it is alright to want your hair to be manageable!  Just make sure you are using products that compliment you, not ones that destroy you.

Whether you’re black, white, Hispanic, Asian, whatever!  All hair is good hair.

by Monique Mahabir – 2016 ETH Summer Intern


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