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Partnerships Bring Free WiFi On Planes

Next time you get in a plane, don’t you wish airplane mode doesn’t mean an end to your internet connectivity.  I mean, Starbuck’s offers free WiFi.  After the price you spend for a plane ticket, you would think that planes in 2015 would have free WiFi.  Well, why not?!

When WiFi initially became an option in the plane, airlines established contracts with a company called Gogo amongst a few others who offered satellite installation and a lengthy contract term.  Some called Gogo’s contract a monopoly on this industry because most contracts will not end until 2017

A newer company, Jet Blue, dodged this bullet and sought other alternatives to this new age necessity.

“Internet on the ground started to take off in the mid-’90s and you would go to an Internet café and pay to access the web, and nowadays there isn’t much need for internet cafés anymore because it’s become a basic service and in some respects, a basic human right,” Jamie Perry, JetBlue’s director of product development, told BuzzFeed News.


Jet Blue began offering free WiFi on their planes, and customers had the right to pay more for faster speeds.  What they did not realize is the slower speed option was still allowing customers to stream music and video in the air.   Customers had no reason to use the paid service, they had everything the needed for free.  wifi_usage_600x264

At this point, Jamie Perry, JetBlue’s director of product development, decided to take his their “freemium” on the road in search of marketing partnership to sponsor this great service.  Since, they have established partnerships with the Wall Street Journal, Fox, and Amazon.  These partnerships will change the game for WiFi on planes.  Media platforms will have the opportunity to align their companies marketing with airlines to make surfing the web on a plane that much easier.  Now that’s teamwork!

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