PEACE & Body Rolllllllllll – BOOMScat Duo Releases Their Debut EP!


The FACTS: BOOMscat released their debut EP “The West Wing Project

Available on Itunes and boomscatmusic.bandcamp.com 

Price: $7 – $12

Rating: Awesomesauce

It has been a great month for music lovers! And we are excited to announce the release of the long awaited EP from the Peace And Body Roll duo, BOOMscat.  Asha Santee and Patience have created their own genre of music for the music lover in you.

What is very unique about BOOMscat is their ability to create such a strong and mesmerizing sound with few instruments. A dynamic two woman band.

I had the opportunity to speak with Asha to get some insight into the brilliance that is BOOMscat.

The BOOMscat group was formed a little over a year ago when producer and instrumentalist, Asha Santee, met Patience performing at a poetry event.  Soon after, the two had the opportunity to perform together, and the rest was history.  The two have been performing all over the DC area: Asha simultaneously playing the keyboard and “cajon”  (a drum that you sit on) while patience hits notes taking you back to the Erykah Badu and even Anita Baker days.

After about a year of live shows and creating, the team has put together a seven track love story.  This is the perfect thing to play in a chill, romantic setting where you and your significant someone can relax, appreciate time, appreciate experiences, and even appreciate real music.  Their music can’t really fit into a genre, “but if it had to be given one, it would be neo soul or soul music”  

Asha expresses that the music is for “anyone who loves music and the diversity in music.  We’ve coined our own genre, The Peace And Body Roll Genre”

You would have to check out one of their performances live if you’re not sure how to body roll.

Even though the EP only has 7 tracks, the songs are surprisingly longer than average.  “we want to inspire people to take time with music. Some songs have structure and some don’t.  It encourages patience in the music (I dont know if there was a pun intended here lol) Music gets broken down for radio purposes, and sometimes the essence is lost.  Let the music finish when it’s done.”

photo 3 photo 2

With the blessing of long-time friend and radio personality, Dez The Prez, the group recently had the opportunity to rock the stage at Howard Theatre, in Washington, D.C..  The awesome audience, professional sound, and new fans gave the duo a wonderful glimpse at the future.

When asked ‘what is the future’ ? Asha says they’re just looking forward to performing and spreading their music to more people, big shows or small.

Also an Eracist, Asha has been sharing her talent and energy with the youth for some time now.  In the weeks to come, she will be speaking at Kenmore Middle School and Oak Crest Community Center.  “We’re going to talk about passion, dreams, dedication, sacrafice, enthusiasm, and believing in yourself”  – #Respect

Catch BOOMscat performing tonight at Mad Momos in DC : 3605 14th Street NW at 7:30

And the group performs every Friday at The Topaz Hotel Bar 1733 N Street NW 7pm


Follow them and keep up!


Instagram & Twitter : BOOMscatMusic

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